Feed Systems

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The O’Neill Range

We have two types of Feeding Systems, Ad Lib and Calibrated.


Is controlled and the feed is released manually by turning a lever.

6 Ton Calibrated with pull out troughs


There is a constant flow of feed in the trough. As it is eaten, more comes out.

6 Ton Ad-Lib


We have two different sized feeders, 4 Ton and 6 Ton

The O’Neill Range consists of the following:


4 & 6 Ton AD-CAL

This feeder has the two feeding system in the one machine. Note: Bin must be empty to change over to different system.

4 & 6 Ton AD-LIB

An Ad-Lib only Feeder. This cannot be converted to Calibrated at a later stage.

4 & 6 Ton CAL

A Calibrated only Feeder. This cannot be converted to Ad-Lib at a later stage.

As well as the wheeled feeders, we also have a Shed Feeder.

O’Neill Shed Feeder

O’Neill Concentrate Feeder for finishing cattle in shed

Will feed two pens of cattle in shed

Can be moved by means of pallet forks or optional 3 point linkage

Top opening to accommodate 2.5 metre bucket

Adjustable height.

2 & 3 ton capacity

Painted or Galvanised finish