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IFARM WEFARM Thoughts on O’Neill White Blade

Irish Farming YouTuber Adrain from IFarm WeFarm has been using the O’Neill White Blade for a few months now, here he shares his thoughts.

Video Transcript

0:22 just in the powder here to escape that

0:24 wind there’s something there that was

0:27 given to me around the time of The Ploughing

0:29 match this is called the White Blade

0:32 is this guy here not the scraper just

0:35 this guy here and there’s the crowd

0:37 there that does it O’Neill white blade

0:40 there’s the number and all if you want

0:41 to go and look it up yourself there’s

0:42 supposed to be way more durable way

0:45 easier to push back Cannon was skeptical

0:47 to me I don’t know what it is about it

0:49 it just slides over the ground it’s like

0:50 a new blade all the time it doesn’t kink

0:52 in the corners like the other ones do so

0:55 you can push it right up again cubicles

0:56 and stuff I’ve been using that since

0:58 about a week after the ploughing match and

1:00 it hasn’t lost a shape or anything so

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