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IFARM WEFARM Thoughts on O’Neill White Blade

Irish Farming YouTuber Adrain from IFarm WeFarm has been using the O’Neill White Blade for a few months now, here he shares his thoughts.

Video Transcript

0:22 just in the powder here to escape that

0:24 wind there’s something there that was

0:27 given to me around the time of The Ploughing

0:29 match this is called the White Blade

0:32 is this guy here not the scraper just

0:35 this guy here and there’s the crowd

0:37 there that does it O’Neill white blade

0:40 there’s the number and all if you want

0:41 to go and look it up yourself there’s

0:42 supposed to be way more durable way

0:45 easier to push back Cannon was skeptical

0:47 to me I don’t know what it is about it

0:49 it just slides over the ground it’s like

0:50 a new blade all the time it doesn’t kink

0:52 in the corners like the other ones do so

0:55 you can push it right up again cubicles

0:56 and stuff I’ve been using that since

0:58 about a week after the ploughing match and

1:00 it hasn’t lost a shape or anything so

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Farmer P Shares Thoughts on The Calf & She Staller


the head crush is in the O’Neill head


Crush they were a little plug for them


this thing, brilliant


okay takes up no space at all


when you’re not using it but for


dehorning and basically restraint if you


had a if you want to restrain a ram if


you want to trim or a calf or anything


you want to restrain it


keep it secure keep it safe stop and


keep you safe


this thing is brilliant




locks to where you want to go


lock down there when you’re on a go


no strap there


if you need it you don’t have to keep


the nose strap on little poor thing


there and that will actually drop off


it’s um


Abby talked me into buying this


and she wanted it for a sheep which is


fair enough but it is made it’ll do


sheep but it will also do young young


cattle young calves and for stuff that




this we found last year we actually


bought a proper craft Crush


a little uh there’s 900 quid I think it


was for the calf crush and oae car crush


and that Crush was not as good


as that so yeah so I show you again


so Irish


they make some blooming good stuff over


there you know


um yeah if you if you’ve got a few


cattle about and you’ve got some


I think it was about 340 quid so it’s


not cheap but




yeah highly recommended

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ALCI Feeder picks up Silver at Tullamore Show

John O’Neill (Centre) receiving rosette for second place in the Inventions in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry category at the NATIONAL INVENTION Competitions at Tullamore Show.

Novel Development: Simple system, no hydraulics or electronics, zero labour. Bird proof.

Unique design for the O’Neill ALCI feeder system, easily adjustable by side levers (Seconds). The rotating quadrant design, which is a unique feature, that controls the feed flow from the feed bin to the feed shelf and makes it available in measurable amounts to the animals. 

This novel feature controls the required amount of feed available to the animal.

The feeder is designed to maximise the animal’s natural instinct for feed procurement with the tongue and saliva secretion.

Other Features include:

  • Calibration (To ensure accurate feed delivery)
  • Anti-Clogging (No blockages) 
  • Easily Adjustable (Seconds)
  • Suitable for all types of feed. (Nuts, rough mix, pellets, straights, etc.)
  • Easily filled direct from truck or loading shovel.
  • Reduces the risk of subclinical acidosis.
  • No crowding, no stress, no waste.
  • Existing O’Neill Feeders can be retrofitted with this new design.
  • Ideal for calf rearers, dairy stock, store to beef, etc.
  • Suitable for small and large lots, ideal for full-time farmers or part-time farmers.
  • Trouble-free, ideal for outside farms. Easily moved fully loaded, road compliant.
  • Can be used in sheds or feedlots.

Findings from feed trials carried out in 2018/2019 grass-based system: 

(Can be independently verified)

  • 6 tonne feeder feeds up to 100 cattle.
  • 4 tonne feeder feeds up to 80 cattle.
  • 1 tonne feeder with two 4’ feed faces feeds 65 2/3 month old calves comfortably.
  • 2 tonne feeder would feed 100 calves comfortably.

Existing systems can be seen nationwide by appointment.

Build with hot-dipped galvanised heavy-duty steel chassis frame with trough incorporated. The bin is constructed with heavy-duty galvanised sheets bolted together with stainless steel bolts.

The lid is easy to open to fill with loader bucket and when closed is sealed to facilitate blowing from feed truck. 

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Video: O’Neill ALCI+ Feeder


I'm James O'Neill from Ballinadee

farming at home here with my father, we're milking 200 cows

we rear 50 replacement heifers
every year. the calves are about 10 weeks

old this stage are being weaned off a milk
and they're getting 2 kilos a ration per day

through the O'Neill ALCI feeder. Finding
great benefits of it it's very labor efficient

no more horsing bags over gates and

the calves are feeding themselves
through the ad-lib feeder we're hoping

to get the calfs to grass in possibly
a week's time there'll be kept on the

ration through ALCI feeder for a couple
of weeks and it can be easily calibrator

to wean and back off the ration as we
want to do so


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Video: Using the O’Neill ALCI Feeder

Video Transcription below:

My name is Jim Buckley. I’m running a store cattle to beef system with the mostly continental cattle at Kilbrittain in County Cork.

2018 has been a challenging year weather-wise, beautiful weather, beautiful area, but very tough on grass. We had a lot of problems in that regard.

I have been using the John O’Neill ALCI feeder, lick feeder for the last four months on this batch of cattle here.

I’m very very pleased with it. From word go the cattle have been very content, they initially were on about proximately 3 to 4 kilos at per head per day and in the last two weeks I’ve upped that and they’re consuming at the moment between the 8 and 10 kilos a day.

There’s no labour whatsoever.

It’s filled up blown into the into the bin and we have the facility to vary the dispension of it I suppose with the the the feeding rate of it from the tank onto the little feeding shelf and subsequently from the shelf to the animal. So the animal procures the few the feed mostly by a licking movement.

The main advantages of the system are that there’s no labour, no waste and the cattle are very leisurely. They come and go at their own pace.

I have killed a few cattle offered so far and I’m pleased with the with the fat scores and and with the carcass weights

Not so much with the price. I’d have to say.