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Video: O’Neill ALCI+ Feeder


I'm James O'Neill from Ballinadee

farming at home here with my father, we're milking 200 cows

we rear 50 replacement heifers
every year. the calves are about 10 weeks

old this stage are being weaned off a milk
and they're getting 2 kilos a ration per day

through the O'Neill ALCI feeder. Finding
great benefits of it it's very labor efficient

no more horsing bags over gates and

the calves are feeding themselves
through the ad-lib feeder we're hoping

to get the calfs to grass in possibly
a week's time there'll be kept on the

ration through ALCI feeder for a couple
of weeks and it can be easily calibrator

to wean and back off the ration as we
want to do so


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Video: Using the O’Neill ALCI Feeder

Video Transcription below:

My name is Jim Buckley. I’m running a store cattle to beef system with the mostly continental cattle at Kilbrittain in County Cork.

2018 has been a challenging year weather-wise, beautiful weather, beautiful area, but very tough on grass. We had a lot of problems in that regard.

I have been using the John O’Neill ALCI feeder, lick feeder for the last four months on this batch of cattle here.

I’m very very pleased with it. From word go the cattle have been very content, they initially were on about proximately 3 to 4 kilos at per head per day and in the last two weeks I’ve upped that and they’re consuming at the moment between the 8 and 10 kilos a day.

There’s no labour whatsoever.

It’s filled up blown into the into the bin and we have the facility to vary the dispension of it I suppose with the the the feeding rate of it from the tank onto the little feeding shelf and subsequently from the shelf to the animal. So the animal procures the few the feed mostly by a licking movement.

The main advantages of the system are that there’s no labour, no waste and the cattle are very leisurely. They come and go at their own pace.

I have killed a few cattle offered so far and I’m pleased with the with the fat scores and and with the carcass weights

Not so much with the price. I’d have to say.